Welcome to the new and improved web site for VEMAX Management Inc.
In the last few years, we have rebuilt most of our products to be vastly superior
to the previous versions so it's only fitting that we rebuild our website to reflect
the new look of the products.

As with everything we do, we developed this website in-house.  We are currently
working on this site and new improvements will be completed in the near future,
but feel free to browse our site and let us know what you think of it so far.

We are continually enhancing our software so as new advancements are
developed, we will update our website accordingly to showcase the new

We have a lot of big plans for the coming year and we can't wait to show off the
new versions of the software.
Our Philosophy

Our clients always come first!   Here at VEMAX Management Inc., we always
strive to provide the best software possible combined with excellent customer
support.  We go to great lengths to make our software very easy to use without
sacrificing capabilities.  In other words, our software is powerful, flexible, and

Our products are highly adaptable and there are many features that are very
advanced.  We work very hard to make every feature as user-friendly as
possible; however, as with any application, there will always be questions.  We
fully understand that and we never want any of the users having difficulties with
any part of our software so we always tell our clients that we are just a phone call
(or email) away.  We are always happy to walk a user through a complex
process over the phone combined with screen-shots and/or Go-To-Meeting©
for a live demonstration or in person during a custom training session.

We have spent over 17 years perfecting our software development
techniques and we are continually improving our products.  Most of the features
that go into our software are at the request of our clients so we encourage them
to tell us what they want changed or added.
Our Products

We have two main categories of products; however, all of our products fit
together perfectly for those who need the entire suite.

Our Generic Software Products:
These products are the perfect solution for any database needs.
With these products, you can create, maintain, and report any kind of data
in a layout that suites your needs all without any help from VEMAX or get
us to do all or part of the work for you.
• App Center
• Data Manager & Data Manager Designer
• Data Viewer & Data Viewer Designer
• Custom Control Panel

Our Asset Management Suite:
These products, combined with our generic software, are the ultimate
Asset Management solution.
• Maintenance Management System
• Work Request Register
• WRR Control Panel
• Performance Prediction Technology

See the Products page for more details.

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Edmonton, AB
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